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All in 1 Collaboration tool for your company. Free upto 12 users!

What is Bitrix24?

  • Bitrix24, a software created by Bitrix, Inc. provides an organization with a full scope of team working and informal communication means.

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  • Bitrix24 provides a variety of tools, for example, a CRM, time management, record management, project management, Drive, and HR in a social-style environment.

Why use Bitrix24?

  • Bitrix24 simplifies communications with the use of social media features such as comments and likes. Other social media features found in this app include automatic actions such as notifications, reporting, and subscriptions to discussions.
  • Bitrix24 additionally offers practical solutions to run and manage the online presence of a company.
  • Bitrix24 also provides precise and flexible tools for operations such as tasks, processing of sales and generation of reports.
  • Bitrix24 provides virtual phone calling.
  • This tool provides platforms for intranet services like discussions, photo display, wiki, documents, schedules, and calendars.
  • Services provided to companies include worker catalog, assignment and work time reporting, visual structure and absence table.
  • Time management tools incorporate check in and check out elements, work reports, and everyday organizer. Time planning features incorporate occasion scheduler, reminders, and meeting manager.
  • Bitrix24 offers a joint effort and a platform for communication for both internal and outside operations.
  • The full Bitrix24 tool set is cloud hosted. For this reason, clients need to get used to using only one user interface.
  • Clients can search, store, examine, and share records and other different documents. They can also coordinate activities, timetables, and tasks. Clients can likewise oversee external correspondences using extranet and CRM while utilizing minimal navigation.


To know this software better, check out the below video from their pool of videos at Bitrix24 Youtube Channel.

Is it FREE?

Yes! Bitrix24 subscription is divided into three sections; free subscription, standard subscription and professional subscription.

Free subscription: Bitrix24 is free for up to 12 employees. A fee of $25 per month is charged for an additional 12 employees. A free online storage of 5GB is also provided.

Standard subscription: This subscription costs $99 per month for an unlimited number of employees. It serves an unlimited number of external users. This subscription comes with an online storage of 100 GB.

Professional subscription: This subscription costs $199 per month for an unlimited number of employees. It also serves an unlimited number of external users. An unlimited online storage capacity is provided in this package.

Devices Supported?

Bitrix24 supports devices running on android, iPhone/iPad and Mac.

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