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All in 1 software to create, e-sign docs

What is Pandadoc?

Pandadoc is an application that allows a user to send, track and digitally sign all important documents in one place. These documents can be sent instantly from one person to another regardless of the distance between the sender and the recipient.

Why use Pandadoc?

  • There is no software download required to use this app.
  • Users can send and receive documents in almost all formats including DOC,DOCX, RTF and PDF. The app is also integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. This way, users can use the cloud storage service that they prefer.
  • The app saves audit trails in order for users to view complete transaction logs that include information such as IP addresses, timestamps, signature certificates and other user details.
  • Pandadoc is capable of automating workflows enabling a user to discover what sells fast using the built-in analytics. This increases productivity significantly. With Pandadoc a user gets rid of most of the paperwork in a business.
  • Pandadoc has been attributed with positive outcomes such as improved efficiency and conversion of sales. This is successfully achieved through different activities such as:
  • Organization of standard document templates. Documents can be quickly assembled out of templates. This in turn improves document workflow.
  • Integration with CRM systems- Integration with CRM systems enables a group of employees to concentrate on attaining better sales and addressing clients’ needs promptly.
  • Signing of contracts and sealing of deals on the internet- A user experiences improved customer experience in activities such as negotiations, acceptance and electronic signing of agreements.

Pricing of Pandadoc?

Pandadoc is offered in three different subscription plans.

  • Free subscription- This plan is absolutely free and includes 3 documents per month. A user can refer a friend by sending him or her 3 documents after which the user will receive 3 more documents. This happens every time a user refers a friend who joins Pandadoc.
  • Professional plan- this plan costs $9.99 per month with up to 30 documents per month.
  • Business plan- This plan costs $19.99 per month. For this plan a user enjoys phone support that is available for 5 days a week and an unlimited number of documents.

Devices Supported?

Pandadoc operates on devices running on Android, Web-based and Mobile Web App.

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