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app for fertility and beyond

An App for Fertility & Beyond

Glow is a personal health tracking app that specifically shows a woman’s fertility cycle through the use of personalized data in order to assist them to conceive faster.

Why use Glow?

  • The app addresses issues that have long been concerned as a taboo talking about in the open. Such issues include sex, pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, parenthood among other issues.
  • The app is not only meant for women but also for men. It encourages men to also take charge of their fertility.
  • Users of this app are required to log into the app information about their health. This information is used to find out any potential barriers that hinder conceiving.
  • The app provides a feature whereby a man’s information can be linked with that of his partner. This way a full picture of their fertility status as a couple is produced.
  • The app boosts of successfully assisting more than 20,000 of its users to conceive naturally in the last one year.
  • Apart from asking users to log in the app their menstrual cycles, it also encourages users to key in other health information such as alcohol intake, basal body temperature, frequency of smoking, cervical position and stress levels.
  • The app also provides advice to its users regarding their different body conditions. For instance, if a user is underweight it might propose a high protein intake during breakfast.


The app operates on what is referred to as a mutual assistance program where users are expected to pledge $50 per month for 10 months. If at the end of these 10 months a user is not pregnant they are eligible to be given grant money by the company for them to use for infertility treatments.

Platforms supported?

The app supports devices operating on iOS, Android and iPhone platforms.

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