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This is #1 Business Plan software by experts

What is It?

LivePlan is a business planning software which helps you create a nice and robust business plan that works for any type of business, at any stage in its development.

You can take their tour to see how LivePlan’s guided, step–by–step process helps you create a business Plan. It is a worthy exercise in thinking long and hard about a lot of the specifics of a planned company. It’s almost like, “here are all the things you might have wanted to learn in business school.”


Check Out the below video by LivePlanVideos

Why use it?

  • Create your Pitch: LivePlan starts you with a pitch to clearly identify your customers, marketing and sales activities, product or service offerings, and some basic financial projections. It’s the quickest way to get started. LivePlan lets you share a link to your pitch – or export to PowerPoint, so you can quickly show your business to people.
  • Expert Guidance: You’ll receive step-by-step instructions as soon as you login. Your business planning process is made easy with prompts, definitions of key terms, and video and text tutorials built right into LivePlan.
  • See Your Financials Automatically: Enter your monthly sales and costs and LivePlan will calculate all of your financial data for you. Whether you’re selling products, projects, or have recurring revenue, LivePlan will help you create a forecast for your business.
  • Automatic Financials – No Spreadsheets Required: Answer a few questions about how you plan to make money – product sales, services, or recurring revenue – and LivePlan projects your cash flow for as long as you want.
  • 500 sample plans included: If you’re new to business planning, it can be really helpful to see some samples before you start writing your own plan. That’s why LivePlan comes with an extensive library of real sample business plans. Here’s a full list of sample plan categories.
  • LivePlan breaks the business planning process down into simple steps with instructions and examples.
  • Your plan starts with the traditional structure of chapters and sections, but it’s fully customizable.
  • Add or remove chapters and sections as you see fit.
  • No math or complex spreadsheets needed. Enter the sales you think you can make along with your anticipated expenses, and LivePlan automatically creates your financial statements. If you’re not sure what number to put in, make an educated guess and LivePlan will help you see if your plan is reasonable.
  • If you ever get stuck or need a little inspiration, browse the LivePlan library to see hundreds of sample plans from dozens of industries.
  • Banks, investors, and loan officers need to see a polished, professional plan. LivePlan provides exactly what they need.
  • This software is created by Palo Alto Softwares, which is founded by Tim Berry. Tim Berry is official business plan expert at Entrepreneur.com. He is also a successful entrepreneur. Read more about him here.

Is it free or paid?

They have a 60 Day Trial plan which gives you a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied. The monthly plan is a $9.95 while the yearly plan is $11.66/mo.

On what platforms it is available?

The Apps are not yet available on Android or IPhone. The website is available on all OS’s with compatible browsers.

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