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Best project management tool

A Project Management Tool which is FREE and BEST for your Business.

Every company or business works on projects, no matter big or small. If you are starting your own business, or have already started, you must be struggling hard to manage the projects at your business. And if not, then there’s likelihood of you, being caught by a project management tool which is EXPENSIVE and already contributing to your companies HIGH EXPENSES.


Do you know that you can use a project management tool which is used by companies such as “DROPBOX” & “Pinterest” for your start-up business too? In our search for the best project management tool, we came across so many project management tools, but a tool called “ASANA” just blew our mind.

Yes “ASANA” , that’s a project management tool which will become an epicentre of productivity for your business. GO TRY IT.


  • The tool is FREE to use up to 15 members team.
  • up to 15 members you can work on unlimited projects.
  • the tool is already trusted and used by some of the biggest companies of world.


Asana is free for teams up to 15. Upgrade for more features and more team members.

How to use “asana”?

The company has provided video tutorials for our help & embedded their links within the tool, So that use can access those video tutorials while working too.

But we have got a  video tutorial for your gyz by none other than the co-founder of the company(“ASANA”) whose name is Justin Rosenstein. Check it out!

How to use Asana.com if you are a beginner?

Jeremiah Kephart gives a nice tutorial in the below Video.

Hope this helps 🙂 
Jeremiah Kephart, www.youtube.com, www.asana.com
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  1. This is my favourite tool. Its is bound to become the epicenter of every startup. As the name suggests (Asana means easy) and it actually makes Project handling easy.

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