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Feeling anxious? Listen to this song to get anxiety free instantly

If you are experiencing anxiety then firstly calm down and …

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run and earn money for charity with this app

run and earn money for charity with charity miles

Charity Miles is an application that allows users to earn corporate …

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An App for Fertility & Beyond

app for fertility and beyond

Glow is a personal health tracking app that specifically shows a …

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Science based practices for a meaningful life

website teaches sience based practices for meaningful life

The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and …

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Get up from couch and start running

c25k running app

C25K, is a fantastic program that’s been designed to get …

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Use happier to be :)

app to stay more positive throughout day

What is Happier? Happier is an app/website that helps a …

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Try this Scientific 7 minute workout

scientific 7 minute video

The below 7-min workout is by FitnessBlender This workout is scientifically …

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try this app for better sleep

sleep cycle app

Sleep Cycle app monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you …

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Best online therapy website/app

7 cups app for online therapy

7cups website lets you do free and anonymous online text chat with …

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Use this app to learn mindfulness

Use buddhify to learn mindfulness meditation

Buddhify2 is a mindfulness app meant for a user’s contemporary …

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