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create interactive howto's for your business

Create Interactive HowTo’s for your business

What is Whatfix?

  • Whatfix is a cloud-based app that enables websites and web applications to create informative guides (that are usually referred to as Whatfix flows) and pass information to their customers in a more interesting way.
  • The application provides a way that makes training more interactive, improves the likelihood of your product being a self-service commodity, and significantly reduces the time required to educate workers and customers about online processes.

Why use Whatfix?

  • Whatfix allows businesses to concentrate on important goals such as: ways to improve customer satisfaction, how to acquire onboard new users, and how to reduce the time and efforts required for training.
  • With this application you can provide guidance to customers on how to navigate on a website . This way, customers are able to understand a product easily, thus increasing productivity and engagement. 
  • Auto-Generated Slides, Articles, and Videos- Each Whatfix flow that is created can be designed in a variety of ways such as slideshows, articles or videos. The chosen design depends on the method a business’ customers prefer. Once video flows are generated they can be automatically be uploaded to Youtube by Whatfix. Privacy settings can also be set for each video.
  • Browser Extensions- Whatfix has Firefox and Chrome extensions. This allows users to create flows much easily and fast. These extensions provide avenues where users can describe their steps, add steps, create tags, discard changes made, edit or remove steps and publish flows.
  • Whatfix analytics- Whatfix has an analytics feature which is integrated with Google Analytics. The app provides different ways of tracking flow’s usage data using these Analytic features. The Whatsfix analytics provides basic information regarding a flow such as, the number of views, votes and cases of failure.
  • Customer Support – Whatfix has an interactive FAQ’s segment. In this section, customers can learn about a product using relevant flows in the application.

How it works?

Check out this video by Whatfix.


Whatfix has no fixed subscription plans. The prices are set by Whatsfix sales team. The sales team representatives put into consideration the features that a business needs before providing a price quotation. Upon registration, a seven day trial period is provided for free.

Platforms Supported?

Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based.

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