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e-learning platform to create your own training course

e-learning platform to create online training course

What is TalentLMS?

TalentLMS is a learning management system that is accessible online by businesses and organizations. This app is used to educate workers, business partners, clients and even students. This way the trainers are able to provide online lessons to large groups of people in the most reproducible method.

Why use TalentLMS?

  • A business or an organization can completely replace its existing training process with TalentLMS or it can use this online app alongside its training methods. Switching to online training has a variety of benefits such as reduced costs, elimination of time and place constraints as well as advanced detailing on what individuals or groups were trained on what. To ensure safety, all the data and information in this app are transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. The app’s fascinating features include;
  • Creating Courses- The flexible nature of creating a course provides trainers with an opportunity to concentrate on providing quality content in their courses. 
  • Course Marketplace- The app provides for a course marketplace. This is an avenue through which course sellers are able to promote their course contents by selling or offering them for free. In return, buyers are able to access and obtain quality content directly.
  • Assessing Learning Outcomes- Tests and surveys are the two major ways through which learner outcomes can be accessed. Tests can be created by trainers through selecting the course where the test or the survey is to be added into. 
  • Report generation- With this app, it is possible to generate reports regarding various aspects such as clients, courses, tests and surveys. The report generated provides info about system logins and course completion information. This can be information for one day, two days, several weeks, months or even a year.

Is it Free?

TalentLMS is provided in three different plans. 

  • Free subscription- This plan can accommodate a maximum of 5 users, 10 courses and provides an upload limit of 20 MB for any file.
  • Small unlimited subscription- This plan costs $79 per month. It supports up to 25 users.
  • Premium unlimited subscription- This plan costs $379 per month. It is capable of supporting a maximum of 500 active users, an unlimited number of registered users, an unlimited number of courses and an upload limit of 300 per upload.

For any additional active user a charge of $4 per month is charged in any of the available plans.

Platforms Supported?

iPhone, iPad, Web-based and Mobile Web App.

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  1. So does that mean that we can create courses on any training courses for our startup to give in our team?

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