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Free project management software by Projectplace

What is projectplace?

Projectplace is a collaborative application that is simple to use, visually attractive and interactive. The app was designed to connect global teams by acting as centralized hub for internal and external documents, reports, files, conversations and projects.

Why use projectplace?

  • Projectplace is a multi-language application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Using this app, it is easier to manage projects by creating cards, visualizing workflow, monitoring projects by using the Gantt chart tool, organizing day-to-day activities as well as prioritizing work.
  • A user can manage online meetings, manage groups and create the rights to access certain tools, documents and functions.
  • Projectplace provides an avenue for sharing links, images and files for review by other workers. There is a feature that allows for locking of documents once all the parties involved have reviewed and signed it. Some of the app’s features include:
  • Military-grade encryption- This ensures that projectplace provides the most secure and reliable cloud platforms for files that are shared both internally and externally. Businesses can collaborate across geographical and organizational boundaries in the most secure way
  • Reports and Analytics- A report management functionality is embedded in projectplace. With this functionality a user is able to provide information about a project as updates to supervisors, investors, managers and other parties interested in the project. The information provided may include tasks, workplans, project costs, milestones accomplished and any other documents.
  • Workload Management- This tool provides the user with an overview of all the scheduled and ongoing projects and the resources that each project has been assigned. This prevents resource conflicts and overload of tasks which are the major reasons why project timelines are not achieved.
  • Real-Time Collaboration- Projectplace comes with user-friendly collaboration tools that ensure teams within a project communicate efficiently. Both internal and external stakeholders can interact through online meetings, messaging, emails and through links that are specifically personalized for project sites. These online meetings can accommodate up to 100 participants.


Projectplace has four payment plans that are paid for on an annual basis. For each plan there is a 14-day free trial period.

  • Free: This is limited to one project with an unlimited number of users. It is supported by iOS and Android devices
  • Basic: This plan costs $39 per month and is paid on a yearly basis. It supports 3 active projects with an unlimited number of users.
  • Pro- This plan costs $49 per month and is also billed on a yearly basis. It supports 3 active projects, an unlimited number of users and is integrated with the Gantt feature.
  • Enterprise- For quotation prices of this plan a user is required to contact Projectplace.

Devices Supported?

Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App.

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  1. Can you name some other project management tools ?

  2. Hi Nitin, Check Out “ASANA” which is created by co-founder of Facebook “Dustin Moskovitz”. It is always free for team of 15. We @Goplaytech use it.

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