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List of Tools you need for a Good Health


6- Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

~~The majority of below article originally published on blog.omvana.com~~ What …

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Use this app to workout with Nike Master trainers for free

free workout app by nike

Say Hi to Nike Training Club!.  It is Free App …

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Best app to track Health

tool to track your health

Say Hi! to Argus. Argus is a free app available …

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Meditation app by a Monk

meditation app by monk

Say Hi! to Headspace! About Headspace Headspace is a meditation …

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Youtube channel for workout videos

youtube channel for workout Videos

Say Hi to BeFit BeFit has: videos to transform your …

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Inner smile meditation by Lee Holden

Inner Smile Meditation by Lee

Duration: 10 min. About Lee Holden Lee is an internationally known instructor …

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Guided Meditation by Sadhguru

guided meditation by sadhguru

Name of Meditation- Kalpavriksha Meditation Duration- 25 min. , Language-English …

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Guided Meditation by Kelsang Jampa

guided meditation by kelsang jampa

About Kelsang Jampa He is an American Buddhist monk dedicated …

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Guided Meditation by Oprah Winfrey

meditation by oprah winfrey

  Experience the bliss with this free guided meditation by …

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