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Use this app to learn mindfulness

Use buddhify to learn mindfulness meditation

Buddhify2 is a mindfulness app meant for a user’s contemporary …

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Recurring billing software

zoho subscriptions recurring billing software

What is Zoho subscriptions? Zoho subscription is an online application …

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Youtube channel for expert fitness videos

youtube channel for fitness videos by tony horton

Who is Tony Horton? Tony Horton is a world-class motivational speaker and …

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tool to generate surveys

tool to generate surveys

What is GetFeedback? GetFeedback is a web-based solution that can …

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Use this simple workout app to gain strength

simplest workout app to gain strength

The StrongLifts 5×5 app tells you which exercise to do …

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How to convert business documents into webpages?

tool to convert business documents into web pages

What is Qwilr? Qwilr is a cloud-based app that converts …

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Use this meditation to manifest a carefree life

Live carefree meditation by deepak chopra

The below video is available on the youtube channel ChopraCenter …

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This website teaches you everything for free

khan academy learn for free

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website which aims to …

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Workout App for busy people

sworkit app for busy people

Sworkit is one of the best workout app available on …

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tool for time tracking

actitime time tracking tool

What is Actitime? Actitime is a software with a user-friendly …

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