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business Card maker by shopify

business card maker by shopify

Business Card maker from Shopify lets you create FREE business cards in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your Information/Details. Click create Business Cards
  2. your Business card is emailed to the email id which you provided in step1. Go to your email and click the link provided to see and download your business card.
  3. you can download the business card in pdf format.


  • This tool is absolutely FREE.
  • This tool has almost all the country names in its “Country” field dropbox which most business card makers lack.
  • Allows you to upload your company/business logo.


  • You cannot customise your business card in terms of styling and editing. there is a pre-defined format which is set for all cards. (Although the predefined format is pretty cool)
  • “Company Name”, “Job title” & “Website” fields are Mandatory to enter. Without entering these fields you cannot create business Card.
  • There is no field for your “phone Number” to get displayed on the card.


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