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CRM inside gmail

How to maximise gmail productivity?

Say Hi to Streak. Streak allows you to

Enhance Gmail’s Interface

  1. group all emails from a customer
  2. group all emails from a customer or deal into a boxkeep
  3. keep track of status, notes and details of each customer
  4. shares boxes within your team and keep everyone in the loop
  5. see every email between a customer and your team, right in your inbox


  1. speed up sending repetitive emails with custom templates
  2. easy shortcuts make writing emails a breeze

Send Later

  1. schedule those crucial emails for the times when they’ll have the most impact
  2. simple management all from within Gmail

Email Tracking 

  • get notified when your emails get read
  • see if, when and how many times your email was opened

Click here to install Streak

How it works?

Check out the videos below by Streak.com to know how Streak works.

Getting started with Streak:


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