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Best tool to organise life

How to organise Life and Work? USE the Best Tool EVER!

Are you facing problems to organise yourself? Then, try using “Evernote”.

Evernote?Evernote is a free, cloud-based note taking and organizational tool. It is beneficial to those who use multiple computers, travel or those who are sick of their desktop being cluttered with sticky notes (physical or software based).

Evernote is available as a,

  • desktop application(for Mac & Windows),
  • Web application(you can access from your browser)
  • mobile phone app(for ANDROID, I-OS & WINDOWS)

How to use Evernote?

We found this amazingly informative series of video tutorials by cameron plommer. So go ahead and learn from them.

Tutorial-1 What is Evernote & basic FEATURES

Why use Evernote?

Evernote is probably the first tool we used to start goplaytech. Its such an awesome tool with so many useful features.

  • We use it for taking note of almost everything. The beauty is once we make a note of  anything on Evernote, we can access it anywhere like on the phone, desktop, laptop, web because it instantly syncs on all of these platforms.
  • It works great as a recipe box and web clipper.
  • Notes can be categorised and organised in Notebooks.
  • Work within Notes with saved searches and tags.
  • It can be used to put receipts of purchases, code snippets, recipes, business Cards, screenshots and whiteboard notes from meetings.
Hope this helps 🙂 
Now if you have any questions regarding the tool, we will be happy to find answers to them or you can just Share your experience with the tool below: Happy Commenting! 🙂



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  1. Parminder Kaur

    I surf around the web a lot. I wonder what would i do without its web clipper functionality.

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