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Recurring billing software

What is Zoho subscriptions?

Zoho subscription is an online application designed for small businesses for purposes of managing recurring bills and subscriptions. The application provides a user with capabilities of automating tasks that are related to the management of payments made by customers. This includes subscription services from billing to collection of payments

Why use Zoho subscriptions?

  • Zoho subscription automates recurring billing and charging.
  • The app’s simple and user-friendly interface makes the management of subscription very easy saving a user a lot of time and efforts.
  • Additionally, Zoho subscriptions assist a user to manage his or her subscription finances. The app is integrated with Zoho Books which is Zoho’s online accounting software.
  • Zoho subscriptions provide a business with invoice templates that can be customized to suit a business’ needs, a flexible pricing method and recurring billing schedules that are already automated.
  • The app is integrated with major online payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Forte, Authorize and Wordplay to ease on the process of collecting payments.
  • To further tighten the control of a subscription business, Zoho boasts of automatic notifications, a real-time reporting feature as well as free integration with Zoho books.
  • Zoho subscriptions’ recurring billing feature allows a user to effectively manage upgrades and downgrades and one-time transactions for purchases made outside customers’ subscriptions.
  • All of the pricing methods are supported with other pricing features like trials, add-ons, and coupons.
  • Zoho subscription is capable of sending automated email notifications to customers. These notifications may be about customer plans, payments, refunds or any other related events.
  • The app allows a user to manage multiple subscriptions by grouping payments and invoices for customers that subscribe to multiple products.
  • The free integration of Zoho subscriptions with Zoho books allows a user to sync all transactions between the two applications. Details that can be synced include refunds, invoices, payments and any other customer information.
  • This integration feature can also be used to compare and analyze financial reports with subscription metrics.

Is it Free?

  • Yes! It is free for the first $50,000 of revenue generated by a business. During, this time, all the features are made accessible to the user at no cost.
  • Once a business surpasses the $50,000 revenue mark it is required to sign up for the paid plans. For $49 per month, a user is provided with access to an unlimited number of customers, offline invoices, card transactions and multiple users.

How it works?

Check out the below Webinar by ZOHO.

Platforms Supported?

All Web-based.

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