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run and earn money for charity with charity miles

run and earn money for charity with this app

Charity Miles is an application that allows users to earn corporate sponsorships for charity organizations as they walk, run or bike. You can choose from over thirty world-class charities, and earn money for them by Walk your dog, grabbing a coffee, going for a run, biking around the neighborhood, shovel some snow etc. You’ll help earn money for charity and feel great all day!

Why use “Charity Miles”?

  • The app is simple to use with a visually appealing interface.
  • Charity miles app uses a user’s phone GPS and accelerometer to measure the distance that they have covered.
  • The app is highly accessible as it can be accessed from all Android and iPhone devices.
  • The app can be used for indoors activities. Users can use this app while biking, walking or running while indoors or running or walking on treadmills. The app however does not support indoor biking.
  • Users can participate together with friends, family and coworkers. This way, team members can track their miles together or have friendly competitions between themselves.
  • The app stores information about the activities a user has been involved in. Users can view their history, see the date they did a particular activity, as well as the distance and time taken for a particular activity.
  • Bikers using this app raise $0.10 per mile covered, while those who are running or walking raise $0.25 per mile.
  • A user can choose which charity organization benefits from their proceeds. The app consists of more than 30 organizations from which users can choose from.
  • The app provides its users with a chance to exercise and keep fit while raising funds. This way, users are likely to experience better health and reduced stress levels.


The app is provided to all its users for free.

Devices supported?

The app currently supports devices operating on Android and iOS platforms only.

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logo Image source: november-project.com
video by Charity Miles
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  1. Its such an innovative concept. loved it. There should be more apps with such concept.

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