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Tool for Email Management

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is a multi-channel web-based marketing application consisting of flexible features that are designed for businesses of different sizes and industries. This app levels the playing ground for businesses with interests in marketing automation, management of customer relationship and acquisition of customers.

Why use Autopilot?

  • Apart from creating multi-channel marketing avenues, a business can use Autopilot to obtain leads from filled forms, automate and personalize emails, observe client events in real-time, track their marketing strategies and experience a high return on investments with important insights and reporting tools.
  • Autopilot is simple to use when compared with the complicated automation solutions that auto-experts are used to. The app is flexible in a way that different businesses can utilize its marketing features with minimal hassles.
  • Automated Emails- Businesses that use autopilot can personalize as well as automate their business emails.
  • Through the app’s advanced features, businesses are provided with a chance to improve their business email performance. This is by assisting those businesses to send follow-up messages or by uploading branded and editable HTML templates to help businesses achieve the look and feel of typical business emails.
  • Multi-channel Marketing avenues- This feature allows users to send the correct messages to the right customers at precise times when the customers are more likely to receive those messages. This way, businesses can send personalized messages, automate their marketing tactics, create workflows and processes in Salesforce.
  • Integration with third party apps- Autopilot can be integrated with other applications such as Salesforce CRM, Twilio, Zapier, Segment among other applications. This enables a user to consolidate all of his or her contact information and marketing automation information in one single system. This provides the user with the freedom to use the preferred apps that they have already gotten used to.


Checkout the below demo by Autopilot.


Is it Free?

Yes, but as a trial only for 30 days. Autopilot has a wide range of subscription plans. All features such as sending unlimited messages are included in every subscription plan.

  • The cheapest plan costs $4 per month for up to 500 contacts.
  • The most expensive plan costs $2400 per month for a maximum of 500,000 contacts. Businesses that have more than 1,000,000 contacts are required to contact Autopilot’s sales customer support to be provided with their customized pricing plans.

Platforms Supported?

Only Web-based devices are supported by Autopilot.

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