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tool for employee organisation and scheduling

tool for employee organisation and scheduling

What is “When I work”?

When I work  helps to organize schedules and communicate with workers in a simple and effective way. A user can send schedules to employees in form of a text message. The app has a 2-way text messaging system which provides employees with an opportunity to accept shifts and ask for schedules using text messages.

Why use “When I work”?

  • The app automates a number of managerial tasks such as scheduling of employees, employee organization as well as improving the mode of communication between employees and their managers. 
  • Staff schedule management- Employers, managers or supervisors can use pre-designed schedule templates that come with the app. They can make adjustments and changes to fit their mode of operation. The app automatically alerts a user of any conflicts in scheduling.
  • Creation and management of new employee shifts- With this app supervisors and managers can review and edit shifts from their mobile devices. The app provides a user with access to view the availability of employees. A user is able to view when workers have made requests for time-offs and then they can fill the open shifts created..
  • Two-way mobile communication- Employees who work on an hourly basis are provided with an easier method of communicating with one another and with their employer as well. This is through text messages and emails. When communication is opened up in this way, there are reduced cases of missed shifts, conflicts in schedules and any unexpected overtime costs.
  • Group messaging- The app comes with a TeamTxt feature. This is a messaging tool that allows managers to send group messages to either fellow managers or to employee groups.

Is it Free?

“When I Work” is app is absolutely free for companies with 5 or less employees. 

Platforms Supported?

Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Windows, Web-based and Mobile Web App.

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  1. the 2-way text messaging system is awesome.

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