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Tool to track expenses

What is ExpenseBot?

ExpenseBot is an application that is designed to simplify the process of tracking receipts, expenses and mileage. This makes the generation of expense reports effective and much faster. A user must register for an ExpenseBot account before using the account.

Why use ExpenseBot?

  • Seamless bank and credit card integration- ExpenseBot integrates with a business’ bank and credit card accounts. This makes it possible for a user to auto-import transactions as the employees spend. This saves on time spent on data entry activities by exporting the data required.
  • The Expense reports are sent directly to a user’s email. The app can additionally be integrated with payroll and accounting systems, advanced reporting tools and direct deposit reimbursements.
  • Non-technical and free setup- Registering and setting up of an ExpenseBot account takes a considerably shorter period of time.
  • After creating an account, a user can customize his or her business approval processes, add expense categories and limits and also invite a team. All this is done to match together with a company’s workflow.
  • Improved functionalities- The more a business uses ExpenseBot, the smarter and more effective it becomes. This is achieved through the assessment of a business’ past behaviors and a tool known as SpenceDex scores that is used to identify when imported transactions are expensable. The app has the capabilities of uploading and storing receipts.


It is free of charge to set up an ExpenseBot account. There are no implementation or development fees required. A monthly fee of $9 is charged per user. There are customized prices for large businesses with more than 100 people. These prices can be acquired by directly contacting ExpenseBot’s customer support desk.

Platforms supported?

Android, iPhone, Web-based and Mobile Web App.

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