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Use happier to be :)

What is Happier?

Happier is an app/website that helps a user to stay more present and optimistic for an entire day. This app can be compared to a personal mindfulness coach. Users can use it to elevate their moods, take a good meditation pause, or capture and savor the small happy moments that they experience in their days.

Why use Happier?

Happier has been associated with a number of benefits that it provides to it users. Among these benefits include;

  • A user gets to learn new things with interactive courses provided by the app
  • The app enables a user to shift their mindset and finding the good in whatever they have rather than pursuing what is lacking, the bad or what didn’t happen or take place.
  • For privacy purposes, users can keep their moments private for a gratitude journal that is only accessible to them
  • Using the app, users get to feel more positive, sleep better, be more creative, highly productive and less stressed.
  • A user of this app gets to see that there is good in everyone and everything including the bad terrible days that they experience. The app promotes the mentality of always being grateful.
  • The app provides a user with a link up to similar people who look for good in everything. Users get to share their moments with a happier community for assistance and encouragement.
  • Happier is a mood tracking app that enables users to record their activities using electronics rather than pen and paper.
  • The app inspires users to keep track of their happy moments during their days. It also gives users the inspiration to do more things that are likely to make them happier
  • Happier strives to ensure that the users of this app create at least a happy moment for themselves every day. It emphasizes the need to capture and share happy moments all day everyday if possible.

Pricing of Happier?

The app is provided for free for all its customers.

Platforms Supported?

The app supports devices running on iOS and Android Platforms.

Hope this helps 🙂 
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