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Omvana guided meditation track app

Use this app for guided meditation tracks by experts

What is Omvana?

Omvana is an app that is offering users the world’s best transformational audios for the purpose of meditation, slumber, relaxation, productivity, focus and inspiration.

Check out the below video by Mindvalley(who created Omvana).

Why use Omvana?

  • In omvana, a user is guaranteed to find guided meditations by well-known authors, teachers, and spiritual celebrities. These meditations have been proven scientifically to aid users to enter into the deep meditative state in order to reflect upon their lives.
  • Omvana contains a considerable number of inspirational tracks, poetry and music to simply inspire users to live a life that is out of the ordinary. There are amazing tracks that gratify creative needs and challenge a user to live a more fulfilling life.
  • If a user is seeking an effortless way of achieving laser sharp focus and cultivate a goal oriented mindset fast, then omvana’s focus brainwave entrainment-tracks are essential.
  • In omvana, users are bound to find numerous stress relieving music and sounds that offers them with the ability to relax, rejuvenate and refresh their body. It is somewhat apparent that when an individual is in a relaxed environment, he/she tends to make better and informed decisions in life.
  • In omvana, there is a variety of sleep inducing tracks that a user can just click on to experience refreshing and regenerating deep sleep. With this simple change in an individual’s resting schedule, there is a high likelihood of experiencing immediate results.

Is it Free?

The app is free to download on Android and i-OS. The app also has a web version.

Devices Supported?

Omvana app is supported on devices that run on Android, iPad, Web and iPhone.

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