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Use buddhify to learn mindfulness meditation

Use this app to learn mindfulness

Buddhify2 is a mindfulness app meant for a user’s contemporary life. Practical, playful and gloriously designed, buddhify 2 maximizes a user’s well-being by teaching them the importance of mindfulness-based meditation. The app consists of over eleven hours of custom meditations for fifteen different parts of your day, inclusive of traveling, taking a work break, while online and before sleeping.

How it works?

Check out in the below video by Buddhify.

Why Use Buddhify2?

This app provides users with a simple but effective way of bringing more mindfulness and tranquility to their usually hectic day. Among its features and important benefits include:

  • It offers over 80 custom guided audio meditation tracks. The tracks are crafted for fourteen different activities among them work, sleep and difficult emotions. The tracks range from five to thirty minutes
  • The app provides a Solo meditation timer.
  • The app also consists of a check-in system that permits a user to measure how they are performing.
  • The app also provides statistics showing a user’s usage and progress. This way user can rate how they are feeling.
  • If adhered to the app can reduce stress and improve the overall well-being.
  • Buddhify 2 is designed by experts in the field of modern mindfulness therefore ensuring a user gets top-notch services
  • A user can choose from a variety of voice-overs to guide them along.
  • The app consists of a section with community statistics as well as a question and answer section.
  • Meditation newcomers are provided with a wealth of content on their first visit
  • The app has a way of making a user calmer, more blissful and better able to cope with stress.
  • The app teaches a user to meditate even when they are busy at work or at home.
  • This app has a simple to use interface making it easy to comprehend and navigate.


The app can be purchased at a one-off fee of $2.99

Platforms Supported?

The app supports devices running on Android and iOS platforms.

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  1. Thanks goplaytech. its a nice app for mindfulness. It has certainly guided me on how to be aware of my activities and increase relaxation.

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