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Web based ERP application

Web based ERP application

What is Fulfil.IO?

Fulfil.IO is a web-based application. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses mainly in the field of distribution and manufacturing. The application provides a user with a variety of integrated tools that include order management, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing and procurement etc.

Why use Fulfil.IO?

You can explore yourself by taking a free trial by just signing up with your email here.

else, here are a few reasons:

  1. The app operates in real time. This enables a user to be aware of the inventory available as well as making sure that all sales channels are updated on inventory levels.
  2. The application provides a cross-channel fulfillment that enables shoppers to shop online for in-store pickup or select from an existing inventory available in other locations.
  3. Additionally, Fulfil.IO provides a customer management tool. This tool gives a user the opportunity to have an outlet from where he or she can track as well as interact with clients.
  4. Fulfil.IO is integrated with a number of shipping carriers, several payment gateways and multi-channel sale sites such as Ebay and Amazon.
  5. The application can be accessed from anywhere using tablets and iPads. This allows users to work from anywhere and update information in real time.

How it works?

The basic working architecture of this tool looks like this:

fufil.io architecture

Is it FREE?

Fulfil.IO provides to its users four different subscription plans.

Startup plan– This plan costs $1199 per month for up to 8 users and 1000 orders per month. When the number of orders is exceeded an additional fee of $5 is charged for each additional 100 orders.

Small business– This plan costs $2499 per month for up to 20 users and 10000 orders per month. An additional charge of $50 is charged for any 1000 orders exceeding the 10000 mark.

Business plan– This costs $3999 per month for up to 50 users and 25000 orders per month. An additional fee of $500 is charged for any additional 10000 orders exceeding the 25000 mark.

Enterprise plan– This plan is customized in line with a customer’s needs. This plan mostly entails unlimited number of users, an unlimited number of orders per month and an account manager

On What platforms it is available?

Windows, Web-based, Linux, Mac OS

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